Levels of Vitamin B-12 Tied To Bone Fractures in Older Men


o-MEN-VITAMINS-facebookOlder men who have minimal amounts of Vitamin B-12 face increased risk to have bone fractures as suggested by a study. Researchers have measured the levels of Vitamin B-12 in a sample of 1000 men in Sweden with ages averaging at 75. They found out that the participants that had low levels of the vitamin were more likely to suffer a fracture as compared to those with normal levels of the vitamin.

The men in the group with the lowest B-12 levels were 70 percent more likely to suffer a fracture than all the others in the study. This decrease was mainly because of fractures on the spine where there existed an up to a 120 percent increase in chance of fractures.
The higher risks still remains when you take other risk factors leading to fractures into consideration. These risks include age, bone mineral density, physical activity, previous fractures, smoking and even the content of Vitamin D in the blood together with your intake of calcium.
It, however, is unknown whether consuming more vitamin B-12 which can be found in fish, eggs and poultry may be used to decrease chance of fractures in old men. If you are willing to make stronger your bones and prevent future fractures, you can opt to engage in physical activity about half an hour each day and quitting any habits that may adversely affect your health.
Even though the study has tied little vitamin B-12 amounts in a body to a greater risk of older men getting fractured bones, it has not established a cause and effect relationship. This study has been published online in the journal Osteoporosis International. It is a vital part of an international research project that was initiated by the National Institute of Health in U.S. that includes over eleven thousand men.

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